I Really Hate Coffee

Join us for a screening of two feature length films made in South Dakota!

The first film, I Really Hate Coffee, is a romantic comedy written, directed and starring Nathan Maas. The film was shot entirely in Sioux Falls.

When Jared meets the love of his life, he forgets to ask the most basic question. Are you dating anybody else?

Jared is convinced that love is driven by fate but when Jared meets Maggie, he decides to help fate along. Maggie has a secret, his best friend Dennis is trying to make a broken relationship work by trying an open relationship and Jared believes a good relationship is built on knowing as little as possible about the other person. Love is never easy to find but it makes it harder to find when you are sabotaging yourself.

The Worst Kind of People

When one terrible man gets one terrible idea, the whole town mistakes his selfish actions for heroism.

The Worst Kind of People is a narrative feature film produced by the South Dakota Filmmakers' collective Sponge Migration. Aesthetically, The Worst Kind of People blends a gritty Guy Ritchie feel with an off-the-wall Judd Apatow type humor. Pre-production began in September of last 2011 and continued through April 2012. Principal photography took place in 26 days spread between March and May of 2012 using a volunteer cast and crew. Although the 84 minute film was shot entirely in Brookings, South Dakota, several of the cast traveled from cities across South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota to participate in the creation of a feature length narrative movie produced for less than $3000. The Movie premiered in Brookings, September 2013, and has been selected as an official selection at the Black Hills Film Festival.

When a group of bumbling thieves decide to rob a credit bureau, they are mistaken for vigilantes. Embracing the feigned heroism, they plan a spree of small heists. But the gang is blackmailed by a suspicious local payday lender, after his checkered past catches up with him. Richard, a con man with no new tricks, leads his gang into hitting shady locations in their small town. Accompanying Richard is a douche named Reggie, a lazy stoner called Leech, an overly nice Pete, and a seductive Amanda. Before long, Richard and the gang are pulled into a world of crime, deceit, and quirky mobsters, which forces Richard to make a critical decision.

The screening will be held at Big's Sports Bar in Sioux Falls on Sunday, April 6, 2014, and will begin at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $5 to see both films.

Actors and film makers will be in attendance. This is a great opportunity so see what our local film making community is doing.