Cigarette Girl

Join us on Wednesday, August 20th for a special Sioux Falls screening of Cigarette Girl.

In 2035, smoking has been outlawed except in the dystopian, dangerous, nicotine-stained smoking section of town.

Smokes cost $63/pack. Patrons buy them at the club from the old-fashioned Cigarette Girl. When she starts underselling the club on the street, the Vice Lord decides to smoke her.

Meanwhile, Cigarette Girl attempts to quit smoking after watching her grandmother die from emphysema.

With her withdrawals comes a visit from "the Cowboy"--who represents her addiction--the ghost of her nicotine past, haunting her like an ex-lover, taunting her to smoke.

She’d kill for a smoke, and, that, she does in order to stave off her addiction and to vanquish her enemies--this catharsis ending with liberation of self. At the end she is alone, confident, free, but with the spectre of "the Cowboy" and her past never too far behind.

After the screening will have a live Q and A with director, Mike McCarthy (John Michael McCarthy) and star/heroine, Cori Dials.

This screening of Cigarette Girl is totally free (and I'm getting some great free swag, too), so your fee for entry is one social media post or iTunes or Amazon review of Cigarette Girl. On Facebook you can tag the CIGARETTE GIRL page, and on Twitter use @CigaretteGirl_

Free will donations of $2 to $3 or so would be appreciated as well to help cover the cost of printing and promoting.

The screening will be held at Club David in Sioux Falls on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, and will begin at 7:00 p.m.