Louder Than Bombs

Join Indievents and Club David, Wednesday, May 4th, for the South Dakota Premiere of Louder Than Bombs.

Louder Than Bombs is a stunningly intimate portrait of parents and children and the many things that tear them apart and bring them together. Three years after the death of famed photographer Isabelle Reed (Isabelle Huppert), her husband, Gene (Gabriel Byrne), and her sons Jonah (Jesse Eisenberg), and his younger brother, Conrad (Devin Druid), are still trying to cope with their loss. Gene finds life as a single parent difficult, and life as a single man even more so. Precocious Jonah, a boy-wonder college professor, has just had a baby of his own and finds the transition from child to parent more than a little daunting. And Conrad, a typical teenager, wears his alienation as a badge of honor and resists his father's every attempt to connect. On the occasion of a major retrospective of Isabelle's work, Jonah returns home to help his father organize her photographs. Once again under the same roof, all three men are flooded with memories, and secrets are unearthed--most notably the truth behind the mysterious circumstances of the car crash that caused Isabelle's death--something Gene always knew, Jonah suspected, but Conrad was never told. Shifting between past and present, and juxtaposing external reality with privileged glimpses into the interior lives of each of its four major characters. Louder Than Bombs captures the sadness of losing a loved one at the same time it celebrates the importance of family.

The English-language debut of acclaimed Norwegian director Joachim Trier, who was named one of the "20 Directors to Watch" by the New York Times in 2013, Louder Than Bombs was co-written by Trier and Eskil Vogt and photographed by Jakob Ihre. Joining Isabelle Huppert, Gabriel Byrne, Jesse Eisenberg, and Devin Druid in a stellar ensemble cast are Academy Award® nominees David Strathairn and Amy Ryan, and Emmy® nominee Rachel Brosnahan.

The screening will be held at Club David in Sioux Falls on Sunday, May 4, 2016, and will begin at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $8 in advance and $12 at the door. You can purchase advance tickets at Club David, Zandbroz, The Last Stop CD Shop, or online at EventBrite (click button below).